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 Anita Archer Strategic Literacy Resources***

“Dr. Anita Archer is a talented author and beloved teacher of teachers. She has developed a video series series illustrating “strategic literacy” instruction as one of her many gifts to the educational community. Produced with support from the Sonoma County Office of Education, it is made available to the public at no cost.

The series addresses strategic literacy instruction in grades K-8 using a “research to practice” approach grounded in pragmatic real-world application. Each video is 4 to 10 minutes long, has a particular strategic focus, and was shot unrehearsed in real time.”***

Click here to view videos from the Anita Archer Strategic Literacy video series.


Other Anita Archer Resources

Anita Archer Shared Materials and Resources: Utah Personnel Development Center, 2011****

Explicit Instruction: Effective and Efficient Teaching, by Anita Archer and Charles Hughes. 2010.
“Explicit instruction is systematic, direct, engaging, and success oriented—and has been shown to promote achievement for all students. This highly practical and accessible resource gives special and general education teachers the tools to implement explicit instruction in any grade level or content area. The authors are leading experts who provide clear guidelines for identifying key concepts, strategies, skills, and routines to teach; designing and delivering effective lessons; and giving students opportunities to practice and master new material. Sample lesson plans, lively examples, and reproducible checklists and teacher worksheets enhance the utility of the volume.”*****


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