Special Education Supervisor

BLaST Intermediate Unit 17 is accepting applications for the following anticipated positions:

Special Education Supervisor

Full-time: 205 Days
Lycoming County

PA Certification: Special Education Supervisor


  • Develops program recommendations and serves as a liaison between the IU and it’s constituent districts
  • Ongoing evaluation of the Special Education curriculum, procedures, and individual students’  needs and progress.
  • Supervises and coordinates special education classroom programs.
  • Responsible for compiling and maintaining all reports, records, IEP’s etc. that are legally required and useful to program management.
  • Interprets the objectives and programs of the Spec. Ed. services to the Board,  staff and the public.
  • Assist in the referral evaluation, placement, assignment, and re-evaluation of students with regard to Special Education programs.
  • Consults with parents of students enrolled in the program.
  • Implements procedures for purchasing  special education equipment and supplies.
  • Supervises preparation of attendance reports and similar data necessary for reimbursement of funds,  collecting of tuition  for out-of-district students, and similar fiscal matters.
  • Periodically observes teachers under their supervision. Evaluates both professional and paraprofessional staff under their supervision.
  • Keeps informed of all legal requirements governing Special Education.
  • Assists with the professional development of teachers.
  • Assists in the adaptation of school procedures to assist special education students’ needs.
  • Attends special events held to recognize student achievement, and  school sponsored activities.
  • Schedules staff assignments.
  • Supervises and coordinates home instruction for special students.
  • Establishes and maintains standards of student conduct and assist in student  discipline as necessary.
  • Cooperates with college and university officials regarding teacher training and preparation
  • Attends interagency meetings when appropriate.


Applications must be received by Noon on April 26, 2017


Please send a letter of interest, resume, transcripts, certificate, and application (found at http://www.iu17.org/employee-resources/human-resources/applicant-and-clearances/) to:

Ms. Cheryl Starr
BLaST Intermediate Unit 17
PO Box 3609
Williamsport, PA 17701


Act 34, Act 151 and FBI Clearances will be required of successful applicant.