Educational Audiology

The service of BLaST IU 17’s Educational Audiologist is available to all 19 school districts within the BLaST IU 17 region.

Sheryl Ranck, MS CCC-A

Services available include:

  • Participate with hearing screening programs for school districts
  • Provide community awareness about hearing
  • Conduct in-service workshops for teachers
  • Provide management for hearing aids, Cochlear Implants and other devices
  • Monitor classroom noise and acoustics/ make suggestions for improving the listening environment
  • Handle maintenance of student hearing aids, earmolds, tubing, ear hooks, batteries, care and cleaning, trouble shooting problems
  • Consult on FM system recommendations, ordering, acquisition, programming, implementing, orientation for student and teacher
  • Provide monthly consultation or as needed to students for FM monitoring and follow-up
  • Consultation with managing audiologists, parents and agencies regarding students hearing health
  • Take impressions, make earmolds and teach earmold care to staff members and students
  • Keep parents informed of current changes and new devices available
  • Handle warranties, returns, repairs, exchanges and  summer service contracts
  • Discuss audiograms and/or reports with parents
  • Record and receive annual hearing information for possible FM system changes and student records
  • Meet with sales representatives from hearing aid and FM providers so as to provide up to date recommendations for current devices
  • Provide in-service training on hearing impairments and their implications in the school setting
  • Participate with current Continuing Education Requirements for up to date information and changes