Gifted Program


Teachers of the Gifted


Left to Right: Alisha Tuttle, Cindy Black, Claire Pratt, and Caitlin Wright

The Gifted Program service delivery models include pullout programs, whole class instruction, and independent study projects. Students seen in this program have met the eligibility requirements and have outstanding intellectual and/or creative ability. It is the philosophy of the Gifted Program staff to help these students reach their personal potential and become well-rounded, successful, life long learners.

Gifted Brochure


Gigi Kilroe                                                                     Claire Pratt                                 Cindy Black

Supervisor of Itinerant Programs                                                                                                           (Sayre, Wyalusing)                         (Canton, Athens)


Caitlin (Pratt) Wright                                              Alisha Tuttle                                                      

(Troy)                                                                                         (Athens)