Orientation and Mobility and Teachers of Students with Visual Impairments


Orientation and Mobility and Teachers of the Visually Impaired

Orientation and Mobility

Orientation and Mobility training assists the visually impaired student to develop an understanding of his/her own body and position in space. Students learn to gather and use information about the environment, community resources and transportation systems. Orientation and Mobility includes instruction in safe travel skills and may include the use of low vision aids, or in some cases, a long white cane or electronic aid.

Teachers of the Visually Impaired

Teachers of the visually impaired provide educational support services to those whose impairment, documented by an eye care specialist, adversely effects his/her academic performance. Supportive and supplemental services include, but are not limited to: a functional vision evaluation, consultation, preparation of adapted materials, Braille reading and writing, keyboarding, handwriting, large print and optical aids, study skills and activities of daily living.


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