Remedial Support

Act 89 remedial support in the areas of reading, math, and study skills are available to those students who attend non-public schools and whose skills fall below grade level expectancy. Though formal testing is not required to

Mary Pelly, Alisha Tuttle, Diane Haas, Becca Baier, Lucinda Gumaer

qualify for Act 89 service, a team will prioritize students to be seen by reviewing records, such as: achievement testing, informal assessments, past performance, grades, parent concerns and teacher recommendations.

Equitable Participation supports are Special Education supports provided to non-public students. Students receive instruction from the Equitable Participation Teacher in their areas of need, along with specially-designed instruction in the regular classroom.

ACT 89 Teacher Referral Form

Act 89 Plan

Equitable Participation Plan

*In order to refer a student for further testing, please fill out and submit the following three forms*

Psychoeducational Consultation Request Form

Developmental History Form

Teacher Input Form


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