Classroom Modifications and Ideas

Here are a few classroom modifications and ideas to try in the classroom


  • Dim or turn off overhead lights
  • Provided a quiet/relaxing place for students to calm down
  • Decrease visual clutter in the classroom
  • Put students who are easily distracted by the environment in the front of the classroom
  • Provide movement breaks throughout the day
  • Allow students to stand to do work
  • Put a pacing lane in the back of the classroom where students can walk when they need a movement break. Set it up with clear rules and expecations
  • Provide students with fidget items
  • For students who have trouble keeping them hands to themselves, you can put them at the front of end of the line, give them something to hold, or place them at the end of the table or the row
  • For students who struggle with personal space, you can have them sit on a carpet square or taped area
  • Chunk work into manageable parts. You could also take a folder or piece of paper to cover up some work to make it less overwhelming
  • Put theraband on chair legs as a foot fidget
  • Put tennis balls on two opposite chair legs to allow the chair to rock slightly