Handwriting Suggestions


-Try different styles of writing paper….3 lined, 2 lined, etc.

-Use highlighted lines…you can highlight the top and/or bottom line. Highlight the lower half of 3 lined paper.


-Come up with verbal cues for spacing. Finger space, meatball and spaghetti spaces (meatball between words, spaghetti spaces between letters), or something else your student is interested in.

-Use a spaceman or Popsicle stick between words. You can make your own!

-Use their finger as a spacer.

-Use graph paper. Leave one box empty between words.

-Put a sticker after the end of every word as a visual for spaces

Line Orientation

-Highlight the bottom line

-Use raised line paper

-Use wiki sticks as a visual and physical cue to stop

-Put glue on lines and let it dry.


If a student is pushing too hard when writing

-Try using a mechanical pencil. The lead will break and they will learn to not use so much pressure

-Put a piece of foam under the paper. If they press too hard, they will poke through the paper.