Handwriting Without Pencil and Paper

Here are a few ways to practice writing and letter formations without using pencils and paper 🙂


Side Walk Chalk. You can practice letter, drawing, etc. Then you can take a squirt bottle to “erase” it. Great fine motor strengthening activity!




Shaving Cream. Smooth out shaving cream on a table or tray. Use index finger to write letters in it. Smooth it out and do some more! Try to reinforce proper letter formations.


Paint/Hair Gel Bags. In a sturdy Ziplock bag, add either tempura paint or hair gel with food coloring. You can use your finger to write letters. You could also use a Q tip. Another thing you could do would be use a permanent marker and draw lines on the bag to work on sizing and line orientation of letters. Disclaimer: Check the bag for holes often!!! This has the potential to be a messy activity!


Use pipe cleaners or wiki sticks to form letters


-Roll play dough into snakes and form letters. Use index finger to trace letters and press down on the letter for extra input. 


-Write in the mud with a stick


-Practice writing letters using a spray bottle outside on the sidewalk


-Paint letters using paint brushes or Q-tips


-Use your arm to do air writing. Make letters in the air with proper formation with gross motor movement


-Trace a letter on your child’s back. Have them guess what letter it is, and then write it down.


-Draw letters on the carpet with your finger


-Write letters using ice cubes


-Write letters with a flashlight on the wall