iPad App Suggestions

Most of the apps below are available for free or lite. I would recommend trying them out with your child first to see if they would be beneficial and age appropriate before purchasing them.


Writing Apps

-Little Writer

-BT Handwriting

-Live Insights-Handwriting Without Tears

-Write Letters

-Letter School

-Ollie’s Handwriting and Phonics

-Shapes (good for pre-writing strokes and tracing shapes with proper formation)


Vision Activity Apps

-Little Finder (Has apps for letters and pictures)

-Doodle Find

-Highlights Hidden Pictures Countdown

-Find the Letters

-Image Hunt


Mazes, Puzzles, Word Searches, etc.



-Word Search

-Rush Hour

-Flow Free


Sensory Apps 

-Relax M.S. HD (this app is relaxing sounds)

-Relax M. HD (this app is relaxing sounds)

-Pocket Pond

-Little Gems



-Falling Stars


Yoga and Movement Apps