We serve the public and non-public schools within our IU by working collaboratively to achieve the best price and quality of services available.

We also handle all accounting and financial services for the IU and its employees. Additionally, we are also the Bus Driver Instructor Coordinator for our region and offer technology support and equipment repair.

Director of Management Services

Brian Driscoll - Director of Management Services

Accounting and Business Services 

Our business office is located in the Canton Office:

Blast IU17
33 Springbrook Drive
Canton, PA 17724
(570) 673-6001.


IU specific functions:
For budget or accounts receivable issues:
Lori Tice –  ltice@iu17.org 

For payroll or benefit related services:
Aimee Pepper - apepper@iu17.org 

For accounts payable questions:
Gretchen Geer - ggeer@iu17.org


In addition to these, the IU serves as the Treasurer for the Northern Tier Insurance Consortium, Lycoming County Insurance Consortium and the Pennsylvania Association of Intermediate Units. We also have an Educational Foundation that is run through the Business Office. Questions on these entities should be directed to Brian Driscoll- bdriscoll@iu17.org.


Bus Driver Instructor Coordinator 

The IU is the Coordinator for Bus Driver Instructors. For more information, contact Jana Strong - jstrong@iu17.org.


Consortium Development 

The IU is involved in several consortia with districts in order to save cost, reduce duplication of effort, and increase purchasing power.

They include:

  • Northern Tier and Lycoming County Insurance Consortium (health insurance)
  • Dental Consortium
  • Life Insurance Consortium


Facilities Management 

The IU has a facility in Canton and Williamsport. If you are interested in using these facilities, please fill out a “Building Use Form” located on our website. Specific questions should be directed to Brian Driscoll- bdriscoll@iu17.org.



The IU offers a full range technology services. Please visit the Technology Section of our website for more information or by contacting Technology Director Scott Moll at 570-323-8561 or smoll@iu17.org.