The Division of Student Services provides for the four counties we service a comprehensive range of programs to both public school districts as well as non-public schools. These programs include classroom based and itinerant instruction as well as alternative education services. We also provide support to our schools in the form of behavioral consultation and transition support services. Our itinerant staff currently offers schools special education support, speech and language therapy, vision and hearing support, social work and psychological services. Professional development is also available to our schools with the help of the Intermediate Unit’s Support Team in conjunction with the Division of Educational Planning.


Director of Student Services

stephanie Stephanie Weikel - Director: Division of Student Services

We will continue to implement programs and services to preschool and school age students with that end in mind. In keeping with our mission as a service organization, our goals will center on working closely with our constituent districts to provide quality programming for each student which we serve.

We wish to extend well wishes to students and their families, teachers, support staff, administrators and friends of the IU for a successful and exciting school year.

Please take some time to look through our webpage in depth and familiarize yourself with the variety of services we offer. I know you will find the information both helpful and informative.


Programs and Services

For a complete list of all the programs available, please visit the Programs and Service section of our website.