There was no shortage of talent at this year’s regional computer fair.

BLaST Intermediate Unit 17, and educational service provider for the region,  held their 16th Annual Computer Fair on May 3rd at Pennsylvania College of Technology. Nearly 200 high school, middle school, and elementary students from the IU’s four counties – Bradford, Lycoming, Sullivan, and Tioga – gathered in the field house at Penn College for the all-day event. This event showcased the students talents in a variety of categories including: Animation, Computer Fair Logo, Digital Movie, Graphic Design,  Programming, and Web Page Design. All first place winners in each category for both middle and high school will move on to the state competition later this month at Dickinson College.

Director of Technology, Scott Moll, said “Today’s students are being taught in a digital world. This event encourages the student’s successes with their technology skills that they can use in the future.” Moll has been involved in this computer fair since the first regional one was held 16 years ago. “The projects continue to get better and better every year. They put a lot of time and effort into their projects and it really shows.”  IU17’s regional computer fair is one of the largest in the state, with over 100 projects entered in the competition.

In addition to the four counties of student participants, there were several members of the professional and business community volunteering their time to participate as judges for the projects. Pennsylvania College of Technology, Hope Enterprises, Lycoming College, Little League Baseball, Beiters Furniture, Highland Photography Studios, and M&T Bank all provided employees to participate in the event to support and encourage the students talent and passion for technology.

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For photos of projects and winners please see our Regional Computer Fair Page Here!

The regional computer fair winners:


High School: John West-first place, David Hemling and Katie Nealen-second place, Curtis Craig and Kristal Giles-Smith-third place.

Middle School: Benjamin Deutschle and Jacob Hinman-first place, Alyssa Bisbing and Mackayla Patterson-second place, Braedyn Newcomb and Zeppelin Tharp- third place, and Abigail Wrisley, Caelyn Pine and Sara Reed for honorable mention.


Computer Fair Logo:

High School: Emma Mercer-first place, Noah Joy-second place, Kelly Showers-third place, and Tyler Lowmiller for honorable mention.

Middle School: Alexie Johnson-first place, Abigail Baxter and Elaineah Brown-second place, Allison Arnold-third place, and Maggie Burdick for honorable mention.


Digital Movie:

High School: Carter Smith, Courtney Skelton and Joseph Edkin-first place, Gage Avery, Jeff Fuqua and Justin Warrender-second place,  Alex Hans and Dylan Ring-third place, and Jade Stubblefield for honorable mention.

Middle School: Lanie Mussina-first place, Jacob Bear and Sean Ravert-second place, Amy Feaster-third place, and Dylann Eck for honorable mention.


Graphic Design:

High School: Nathan Parsons and Tyler Holcomb- first place, Abigail Thomas- second place, Al-Tamar Jason and Autumn Williams- third place, and Grace Tice, Katie Coole and Olivia DiMarco for honorable mention.

Middle School: Alexie Johnson- first place, Jenifer King , Lydia Lewis and Morgan Roy-second place, Isis Lyon and Rachel Ainey- third place, and Allison Arnold for honorable mention.



High School: Eric Karschner, Logan Woolcock, and Zachary Butler- first place, and Ethan Ridge- second place.

Middle School: Gage Kreger-first place, and Shaun Wood- second place.


Web Page Design:

High School: Lexa Brown and Sierra Farrington- first place, Grace Tice, Madison Milheim, and Olivia DiMarco- second place, Alisha McKinley, Emma Watts, and Melissa Walburn- third place, and Faith Haddon and Keira Briggs for honorable mention.

Middle School: Logan Faust and Sammy Lawrence- first place, and Emily Kreger- second place.