School Directors Recognized at IU 17 Board Meeting

A quality public education is a key that can open doors of opportunity for many students. Providing that education requires a team of committed people, from educators and staff to parents and administrators. The nine members of your local school board are an important part of this team, making informed decisions that direct the course of our public schools.

”Every January, we take time to celebrate and recognize the challenging and vital work they do on behalf of our students, families and community,” shared Dr. Christina Steinbacher-Reed, Executive Director of BLaST IU 17.

School directors volunteer an average of ten hours each month to board work, which includes adopting policy, voting on budgets, approving curriculum changes, choosing textbooks and reviewing hiring decisions, to name a few. They take time to learn about the issues affecting public education and to seek innovative solutions.

As unpaid, locally elected officials, school directors are invested in their communities. They are our neighbors, friends, local leaders, parents and engaged senior citizens.

On January 15, 2020, in an effort to show appreciation for their time, dedication and year-round commitment, each IU 17 Director (board member) was presented with a book and a certificate. The book presented was Just Ask! Be Different, Be Brave, Be You, written by Sonia Sotomayor. The book encourages people to be kind and strong and to embrace diverse abilities. Students from IU 17’s early intervention programs also decorated “thank you” cards.

The BLaST IU 17 Board of Directors is comprised of one member from each of their 19 constituent districts.