Welcome to the 

Cinco de Mayo CS-ta Fiesta!

On May 5th, 2020 families from across PA will be coding and dancing together in their homes! To help promote positive community attitudes towards computer science, students will become the teachers as they help their caregivers complete a coding (and dance) challenge.

There are two ways to participate:

Plugged Version 

  1. Watch the introduction video at https://flipgrid.com/cstafiesta
  2. Go to https://code.org/dance and start a new dance party
  3. Families will work together to complete the Hour of Code activity
  4. Students take a quick (10s) video of their adult learning how to code
  5. Upload the video as a response on https://flipgrid.com/cstafiesta      *be sure to include your email in the video description
  6. Random videos will be selected throughout the day to win a prize! 

Un-plugged Version

  1. Create a hand motion or dance sequence. OR try some old school hokey pokey  or new internet inspired dance!
  2. Practice the moves in the order you want them – put them to music if you can!  (Optional: Make a video of yourself.)
  3. Write specific step-by-step instructions for each move in order. (Younger children can write out symbols.)
  4. Get a volunteer! A caregiver or family member in quarantine with you?
  5. Read each step – you may ONLY use words to describe the dance sequence. (Do not change your original sequence.)
  6. Allow practice time, and if you have music, use it!
  7. When complete, compare the original dance with the programmed dance.  (Optional: Video your volunteer when you are done explaining the steps.) Was the jdance a success?

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