Each week you will receive a new student and facilitator guide for the week.
You can print this and write in the spaces provided. Also included are the printed words to cut for the experiment on day 2.

As a student, each day you will explore STEM tasks as a scientist. You will have the opportunity to show what you know on day 4. The STEM notebook will be a great resource to use as you plan to demonstrate what you know on day 4.

As a facilitator, this guide is created to help guide you through the lessons. This will contain the materials needed, procedures for the experiments, questions for student reflection, as well as the explanation.

We hope you will join us for STEMXpress summer edition.

Sample Content Lessons:

Day 1: Light Scattering / Refracting: Sunset in a cup of milk.
Day 2 Light Reflection: Funny Reflections
Day 3: Characteristics of Matter – Density: Float the egg with salt
Day 4: Show what you know. Click on Flipgrid below to show!

Use the buttons below to download the appropriate instruction guide