The Lesson/Unit Planning Process


Lesson-Unit Planning Process, Dr. Fran Macko

BLaST Lesson Plan Template

BLaST Lesson Plan Rubric

BLaST Lesson Refection Form


BLaST IU17 Fellowship Lesson/Unit Plans and Supporting Resources, Year 2 (2011-12)


*Lesson Plan topics for Year 2 cover the Early Republic to the Gilded Age and the Industrial Revolution.

Marie Antoinette and French Azilum in Bradford County Lesson Plan 

Haunted History HOST File

The Election of Andrew Jackson Lesson Plan

PRECIS: Andrew Jackson and the Election of 1828

Storyboard Assignment

Indian Removal Lesson Plan  

Indian Removal Act Lesson Plan

Background Information for Multiple Perspectives Activity

Primary Source: On Indian Removal – State of Morals, Jeremiah Evarts

Primary Source: Indian Removal Act United States Congress, May 28, 1830

Taking a Stance on Indian Removal, Description of Assignment and Scoring Rubric

Underground Railroad Lesson Plan

Slave Stories: Using Primary Documents and Uncle Tom’s Cabin to Explore Fact, Fiction, and Point of View Lesson/Unit Plan

Slaves to Freedmen Lesson Plan

Attachment A – Ch. 12, Sec. 2 Study Guide

Attachment B, Compare-Contrast Graphic Organizer

Black Codes Sample Document

Sharecropping Discussion Questions

Sectionalism in the U.S. Prior to the Civil War Lesson/Unit Plan

Character Simulation, Sectionalism

Causes of the Civil War Lesson Plan

Causes of the Civil War Powerpoinr Presentation

Primary Source: Anti-Fugitive Slave Law  Meeting, 1851

KWL Plus Graphic Organizer

Civil War Webquest

The Battle of Gettysburg Lesson Plan

Civil War to Civil Rights Lesson/Unit Plan

Civil War to Civil Rights Powerpoint Presentation

Civil Rights Amendments to the U.S. Constitution Lesson Plan

The Jim Crow Era Lesson Plan 

Perspectives: The Future of Black America, Booker T. Washington and W.E.B.DuBois

Study Guide: the Future of Black America

The Industrial Revolution Lesson/Unit Plan

Day 1 Powerpoint   Day 1 Study Guide

Day 2 Powerpoint   Day 2 Study Guide

Day 3 Powerpoint   Day 3 Study Guide

Student Project Rubric: Inventions during the Industrial Revolution

 Famous Pennsylvania Inventors Lesson Plan

A.R.T.I.S.T. :  Pennsylvania Inventors Powerpoint Presentation

Research Guide

Think-Pair-Share Response Sheet

Pennsylvania Inventors Project Rubric

Chinese Immigration to the United States Lesson/Unit Plan and Supporting Resources

Immigration to the United States, 1890-1920 Lesson/Unit Plan

Graph -Immigration to the  U.S.  by Country    Graph-Answer Key

 Immigration Islands Comparison   Immigration Islands Questions   Immigration Islands  Answers

Letter Home Assignment   Quiz, The Challenges of Urbanization  Quiz, The New Immigrants

Muckraking during the Progressive Era Lesson Plan 

Muckrakers Lesson Resources