The Lesson/Unit Planning Process


Lesson/Unit Planning Process, Dr. Kevin Brady

Lesson/Unit Plan Rubric, September 2012

Lesson/Unit Plan Template

Lesson Refection Form


BLaST IU17 Fellowship Lesson/Unit Plans and Supporting Resources, Year 3 (2012-13)


*Lesson plan topics for Year 3 cover the Spanish American War to the “War on Terror”

US Imperialism in the 1890’s

Multiple Perspectives Graphic Organizer

Excerpts from March of the Flag Speech, Albert Beveridge, September 16, 1898 

Yellow Journalism and the Spanish- American War

Yellow Journalism Political Poster/Cartoon Rubric

Causes of World War I Lesson/Unit Plan

“The Devil’s Breath”: Chemical Warfare during World War I Lesson Plan

The Devil’s Breath Powerpoint Presentation

Presidential War Speeches: Wilson and Roosevelt Lesson Plan

Wilson Political Cartoon

The Paris Peace Conference and the Treaty of Versailles Lesson Plan

Wilson’s Fourteen Points Guided Reading Activity

Fourteen Points Discussion Questions

Fourteen Points Discussion Questions and Answers

Sample Lesson: Comparing Wilson’s Fourteen Points and the Treaty of Versailles

The Women’s Suffrage Movement

Supporting Resources:  Women’s Suffrage Movement Powerpoint Presentation  Suffrage Movement Vocabulary    CRQ, Women’s Suffrage  CRQ Rubric   Give One-Get Four Chart  Analyzing Primary Documents Graphic Organizer

Causes of the Great Depression Lesson/Unit Plan

The Great Depression Powerpoint Presentation

Great Depression Lesson/Unit Supporting Resources

The Great Depression Lesson Plan

Primary Source Documents: Andrew Mellon  Franklin Delano Roosevelt  Herbert Hoover Huey Long

The Rise of Twentieth Century Dictators Unit Plan

Web Graphic Organizer – Effects of WWI and the Treaty ov Versailles

Rise of Dictators Tojo    Rise of Dictators Mussolini

Rise of Dictators Lenin   Rise of Dictators Hitler

Machiavelli’s Influence on Hitler Lesson Plan 

Machiavelli: Excerpts from The Prince 

Holocaust Lesson Plan 

Lesson Background

Holocaust Lesson Resources

“Patriot Food” Lesson Plan

America on the Homefront during World War  II

Patriot Food Critique Chart

Japanese Internment World War II: Study of the Novel Farewell to Manzanar Lesson/Unit Plan

 Japanese Internment during World War II Lesson/Unit Plan Resources and Reflection

Truman-Mac-Arthur Decision Lesson Plan

Analyzing Perspectives: Truman’s Firing of MacArthur

The Korean War Powerpoint Presentation

Origins of the  Cold War, 1945-1954

Origins of the Cold War Powerpoint Presentation

The Cold War Heats Up Powerpoint Presentation

“MAD” (Mutually Assured Destruction) and the Cold War

Cuban Missle Crisis Simulation Documents:  Map, Job Titles,  Action Sheet,  Response Card

The Civil Rights Movement: Beginnings to the 1960’s Lesson/Unit Plan

Civil Rights Movement Powerpoint Presentation

Storyboard Presentation Rubric

The Civil Rights Movement (1954-1965) Unit Plan

Research Narrative: Role of the Executive Branch in the Civil Rights Movement

Primary Source Documents:  Little Rock High School  and University of Mississippi

Instructional Resources for Unit Plan:  Cause-Effect Graphic Organizer    Cooperative Learning Project Rubric    Document Analysis Worksheet    ESP Express Graphic Organizer   KWL Outlines

The Death of Emmett Till Lesson/Unit Plan

Supporting Resources: Emmett Till Power Point Presentation    Emmett Till Primary Sources    Emmett Till CSI    Emmett Till Photostory Project    The Death of Emmett Till Song Lyrics    Emmett Till Essay Prompt

Civil Rights Movement Lesson Plan and Resources

Civil Rights SCOTUS Cases: Dred Scott vs Sandford and Brown vs. Board of Education

Civil Rights Supreme Court Cases:  Worchester v. Georgia and Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas.

ESP Express Graphic Organizer

Compare/Contrast with Summary Graphic Organizer

Powerpoint Assessment Rubric

Landmark Supreme Court Cases Lesson Plan

Race to the Moon Unit Plan and Supporting Resources

The “Space Race” Lesson/Unit Plan and Supporting Resources

The Great Society Lesson Plan

The Great Society Powerpoint Presentation

The Great Society Background Information

Analyzing Perspectives Graphic Organizer

A.R.T.I.S.T. Graphic Organizer

Assessment: The Great Society Reflection Essay

LBJ and ‘The Great Society” Unit Plan and Supporting Resources

Title IX Lesson Plan

Watergate: Executive Privilege and the Nixon Impeachment

Watergate Notes Powerpoint Presentation

Analyzing Perspectives Graphic Organizer

Executive Privilege Article

Nixon Statement about Executive Privilege

Assessment Essay: Executive Privilege and the Watergate Crisis

Post 9-11 America Unit Plan

Research Narrative: Changes in U.S. Policy after September 11, 2001

Post 9-11: A Long Road Powerpoint Presentation

Student Notes, Graphic Organizer

Response to 9-11 Attacks, G. W. Bush

Patriot Act 2001

Nationalism Article

Presentation Rubric

Patriot Act Lesson Plan

Constructing Support Graphic Organizer

RAFT Scoring Rubric

 Revolutions: Are They Contagious? Lesson Plan

Are Revolutions Contagious Article

A.R.T.I.S.T.  Activity

War/Rebellion Investigation Group Project Guide 

Genocide in the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries Unit Plan

Essay Rubric, Genocide Unit

Structures and Forms of Government Lesson Plan

Departments in the Executive Branch of the Federal Government Lesson/Unit Plan

 Executive Branch Project Description   Executive Branch Collage Rubric

American Freedoms: First Amendment Supreme Court Cases Lesson Plan