Year One Professional Development sessions (*see schedule) include training on the Cicero: History Beyond the Textbook online application as well as content and instructional strategies presentations from the First Interactions with Native Americans to the War of 1812. The resources used for the presentations are posted below in the order listed on the agenda for each session.

*BLaST IU 17 Fellowship Professional Development Schedule, Year 1 (2010-11)

Cicero Training, October 25, 2010

BLaST IU 17 Fellowship Agenda 10-25-10

1 Cicero Scavenger Hunt, Mr. Anthony Fitzpatrick

Fall Colloquium, Nov. 18-19, 2010

BLaST Colloquium Agenda, Nov. 18-19, 2010

1 Using Archaeology, Anthropology, Mr. Robert Shamy

2 First Interactions, Dr. Sharon Sundue

3 Twelve Thousand Years of American Indian History, Mr. Robert Shamy

4 Using A.R.T.I.S.T to Teach The City Upon a Hill, Dr. Kevin Brady

City Upon a Hill, John Winthrop 1630

6 Making Permanent North American Settlements, Dr. Sharon Sundue

7 Geographic Roots of Slavery, Dr. Kevin Brady

8 Colonial Politics, Dr. Sharon Sundue

9 The Great Parley, French and Indian War, Dr. Kevin Brady

Discussion Guide – Just War

Great Parley Project Guide

Sample Lesson Plan – Goals of the French and Indian War

Winter Colloquium, January 18-19, 2011

BLaST IU 17 Winter Colloquium Agenda, Jan. 19-20, 2011

1 Bracketing History, Dr. William Ross

Bracketing History Article

Bracketing History List of Dates

Bracketing Teacher Talk Narrative

2 Three Way Struggle to Control a Continent, Dr. Catherine Kerrison

3 Three Way Struggle, Lecture 1 Notes, Dr. Catherine Kerrison

4 Lesson Plan Process, Mr. Robby Brown

5 War and Society, Lecture 2 Notes, Dr. Catherine Kerrison

War and Society Reference Documents, Kerrison

6 Using the Historical Method, Mr. Robby Brown

7 Principles of War, Dr. William Ross

8 America and the British Empire, Mr Robby Brown

9 Using Political Cartoons to Teach History, Dr. William Ross

Cartoons in the Classroom Description

 Sample Political Cartoons

Spring Colloquium, April 6-7, 2011

BLaST Spring Colloquium Agenda, April 6-7, 2011

1 Ripped from the Headlines, The Boston Massacre, Mr. Robert Shamy

Pre-Reading Document, Boston Gazette and Country Journal News, The Boston Massacre

2 Declaration of Independence Presentation, Dr. Kevin Brady

3 American Revolution Presentation, Dr. Kevin Brady

4 Using SPEECH to Analyze British-Colonial Tensions, Mr. Robert Shamy

SPEECH Graphic Organizer

The Stamp Act

 Declaration of Rights, Stamp Act Congress

The Declaratory Act

5 American vs French Revolution, Dr. Kevin Brady

6 Intelligence During the War for Independence, Mr. Ed Turzanski

Summer Institute, June 27-30, 2011

Summer Institute Agenda, June 27-30, 2011

June 27-28, 2011

1 The Crisis of Republican Government and the Calling of the Constitutional Convention, Dr. Alan Gibson

2 Forming a More Perfect Union, Dr. Alan Gibson

3 Building Prior Knowledge – the Constitution, Dr Fran Macko

BKWLQ graphic organizer

Constitution Source #1

Constitution Source #2

Constitution Source #3

4 Muliple Perspectives: The Whiskey Rebellion, Dr. Fran Macko

Multiple Perspectives Graphic Organizer

The Whiskey Rebellion Text 1

The Whiskey Rebellion Text 2

The Whiskey Rebellion Text 3

5 James Madison, Father of the Bill of Rights, Dr. Alan Gibson

June 29-30, 2011

6 Hooray for Heroes Learning Resources and Activities, Dr. Dennis Dennenberg

Hero Web Info    Hero Packet

Hall of Fame-Shame    Jigsaw

Large Abe & George    Small Abe & George

7 The Federalist Era 1789-1801, Mr. Robby Brown

Federalist Era ARTIST Documents, Mr. Robby Brown

8 The Barbary Wars 1798-1816, Dr. Eric Davis

9 Bulls Eye Document Analysis, Mr.Robby Brown

Jeffersonian Paradox Documents

10 Origins of the War of 1812 (1812-1815), Dr. Eric Davis