The Lesson/Unit Planning Process


Lesson Plan Process, Mr. Robby Brown 

BLaST IU 17 Fellowship Lesson Refection Form


BLaST IU17 Fellowship Lesson/Unit Plans and Supporting Resources, Year 1 (2010-11)


*Lesson/Unit topics for Year 1 cover the Age of Exploration to the War of 1812

Geography of Europe Using Five Themes

Supporting Resources: Five themes Vocabulary Chart 1    Five Themes Vocabulary Chart 2    Flip Book Directions  Flip Book p2   Five Themes Flip Book Rubric

European Explorers Lesson Plan

European Explorers of the 1600s    Exploration Unit, Notes and Vocabulary

Explorer Project Directions and Rubric    Map, Countries of the World

The Jamestown Colony Lesson Plan

Jamestown Lesson Plan: Resources Cover Page

Jamestown Lesson Plan Resources

Reformation and Colonial Settlements Lesson Plan

Religion and the Thirteen Original Colonies Powerpoint Presentation

Religions Chart, Graphic Organizer

Religions of the Thirteen Original Colonies, Partner Analysis

William Penn and the Founding of Pennsylvania Lesson Plan

William Penn Lesson Plan Resources

Causes of the French and Indian War Lesson Plan

French and Indian War Lesson Plan Resources

The “Boston Massacre” Lesson/Unit Plan

The Boston Massacre Lesson Reflection

British Influence on American Government Lesson Plan

Ancient Greece: Connections to American Form of Government Lesson Plan

Greek Democracy    Greek Philosophers

Greek Philosophy and Its Legacy in American Government

Web Quest

Second Continental Congress Lesson Plan

Analyzing the Declaration of Independence Lesson Plan

Document Analysis Questions : The Declaration of Independence

Document Analysis Quiz

Articles of Confederation Lesson Plan

The Articles of Confederation Web Quest

Constitutional Convention Lesson Plan

Resources and Assessments Cover Page

Constitution Unit Resources and Assessments

Compromises at the Constitutional Convention Lesson Plan

The Magna Carta and the Bill of Rights Lesson Plan 

A.R.T.I.S.T.  Powerpoint Presentation: The Magna Carta

Lesson Refection

Amendment Process Lesson Plan

Whiskey Rebellion Lesson Plan

Political Parties: Comparing the Views of Jefferson and Hamilton Lesson Plan

Political Parties Pre-Test

Constructing Support Graphic Organizer

Venn Diagram, Comparing Political Parties

War of 1812 Lesson Plan and Supporting Resources