Personal History Scrapbook Project    Scrapbook Project Rubric

Sample Personal History Project 1

Sample Personal History Project 2

Teddy Roosevelt Video Project Description and Rubric

World War I Weapons Research Project and Rubric

1920’sRadio Show Project Description, Requirements, and Grading Criteria

Radio Project – How to Record

Slang of the 1920’s

Prohibition Project/Lesson Plan

The Great Depression Documentary Project

Twentieth Century Dictators Poster Directions and Rubric

World War II Wikispace Project: Description, Pequirements, and Rubric

Civil Rights Movement Document Analysis Project

Primary Source Documents:  Little Rock High School  and University of Mississippi

Emmett Till Photostory Project

The Great Society Public Service Announcement Project, Directions and Rubric

Affirmative Action Webquest Project

Exploring Discrimination Through Story Writing, Project Description and Rubric

Sample Student Projects:  Loo and Foo    SQUIDS    The Hairs and The Bares     The Race for the Pearl     Whale of a Tale

Supreme Court Case Analysis Project Description and Rubric

SCOTUS Case Powerpoint Presentation, DeShaney v Winnebago

Connections Across Time Project: Cold War and War on Terror      Project Rubric

Sample Student Project: The Cold War and The War on Terror Powerpoint Presentation

Facebook Template Project: Latin American Revolutionaries     Project Rubric

Political Campaign Television Commercial – Project Description and Rubric

Political Interest Group Project      Interest Group Rubric

World Government Research Project and Presentation    Presentation Rubric