In 2003, the BLaST IU17 Board of Directors adopted a model of supervision and evaluation of teachers that required each teacher to focus on an individualized professional development plan (PDP).  Each teacher creates a goal and in conjunction with his/her supervisor reviews and tracks progress toward that goal by compiling a showcase portfolio aligned to the PDE 426/428 forms and the work of Charlotte Danielson’sFramework for Teaching.


As an expansion of the current model, the revised plan includes options for teachers who are proficient or distinguished that include cooperative and individual development and are project based in nature.   Based on research, the National Staff Development Council Standards for Staff Development and best practice in staff development, our revised plan continues to be focused on employee professional growth but allows more independent, collaborative and collegial options.


Using a professional growth model includes providing opportunities for educators to improve their practice by assuming responsibility and accountability for their own professional growth.  It also provides options for teams of teachers to collaborate in a mutually supportive and collegial manner.


This plan promotes continuous learning that is focused on:

  • Alignment to the BLaST Mission and Vision.
  • Individualized and/or group professional development goals.
  • Data and results as they relate to student achievement and student success.
  • Authentic, engaged, and context-based learning.
  • Collaboration.
  • Job-embedded application of new concepts and instructional practices.
  • Flexibility within the goals of the organization and the needs of students.
  • Deep levels of reflection.  (Peine, 2003).