Bradford and Tioga Counties [br]

Sandy Burns, Alternative Education Supervisor, 570-673-6001

Ardis Mason, Alternative Education Supervisor,; 570-673-6001

Tracy Wright, Alternative Education Supervisor, 570-673-6001


Lycoming County [br]

Dan Coran, Alternative Education Supervisor, 570-323-8561

Sandy Burns, Alternative Education Supervisor, 570-323-8561



We’re glad you stopped by. If you’re not quite sure what is meant by alternative education, allow us to explain. Alternative Education offers another option for students who are having difficulty succeeding in the educational or special educational program settings due to behavioral problems. In an alternative education setting, these students not only receive their academic instruction, but also receive support and assistance in dealing and coping with their behavioral issues. Through a structured environment, positive behavioral support and adapted curriculum, students are encouraged to gain the skills necessary to successfully return to their home school programs.

Although many students in this type of programming have been sent by the courts, Alternative Education placement can be used as a pro-active step in helping students who are at risk for not graduating. By placing these students in an environment which is very structured and provides behavioral supports, they can develop their own coping skills and appropriate social interaction.