The Early Intervention Program currently uses a clinic model for evaluating and determining eligibility for children who have been referred for our services. Referrals for child evaluations come from many sources. These may include parents, care givers, physicians, or pre-school teachers. The referral is made to the Early Intervention contact person available at 1-800-326-8528. Upon receipt of child referrals, an intake form is completed with the referral source and a determination is made as to scheduling for either a speech-only evaluation or a full evaluation. At this time an appointment is made at a mutually agreeable time for the evaluation to take place in one of the clinic sites located throughout our Intermediate Unit service area.


In Bradford County two site locations are used for determining Early Intervention eligibility. They are located in J. Andrew Morrow Elementary School in Towanda and Sayre High School in Sayre.


In Sullivan County one clinic site location is used. It is located in the Columbia/ Sullivan Head Start classrooms within the Sullivan County Agricultural Building in Dushore, Pa.


Two sites are available in Tioga County. They are Don Gill Elementary School, Wellsboro, and First United Methodist Church, Mansfield.


Lycoming County has three available clinic sites. These can be found in Pine Street United Methodist Church, Williamsport, First United Methodist Church, Muncy, and Avis Elementary Clinic, Jersey Shore.


The evaluation process generally takes 1 1/2 to 2 hours to complete. At the conclusion of this process parents are informed by the clinic team as to the eligibility of the child for Early Intervention Services. If the child qualifies for services, a return appointment is made to review the Evaluation Report and to develop the initial Individualized Education Program.