BLaST Intermediate Unit 17 offers professional development
in the following formats:

Face-to-Face (F) – at both of the IU 17 offices or on-site in your district/organization facilities
Online (O) – via Moodle, Skype or other Internet-based media
Blended (B) – combined face-to-face and online
Hybrid (H) – face-to-face supported and/or augmented by an online component

Professional Development Strands
In addition to the topics listed, BLaST IU 17 offers customized solutions to meet your professional development needs. To discuss available options, please contact Jerry Christy (570.323.8561 Ext. 1021)


Induction for New Teachers

The BLaST IU 17 Induction for New Teachers course is a component of a Mentoring Program in which veteran teachers work one-to-one with the new teachers in the area of their specialty.

Audience: Newly-employed Teachers

Format: Blended

This training is scheduled:
As needed and registration is for ALL online sessions

About the Course Leader:
Jerry Christy is Professional Development Coordinator for BLaST IU 17 having previously served as a member of the IU’s Training and Consultation staff. Most recently, he was the Point of Contact for BLaST’s VLINC Cyber Service. His experience includes teaching at elementary, middle, and high school levels with students on five continents.

Cost: $45

Credit: 3 hours Act 48 per topic

Course Details:
The Induction Program is a year-long offering in which supervisors pair new teachers with a veteran teacher/mentor for the duration of their induction term. Mentors and Inductess meet in alternating months (at a minimum) to address operational, instructional, and administrative functions of the Inductee’s work assignment. These meetings are documented in Mentor Logs and Inductee Activity Reviews.

In addition to the mentoring sessions, the Inductees participate in a series of online workshops focused on current and emerging professional practices. Mentors (and supervisors) are welcome to participate in these workshops, but participation is not required. These workshops are facilitated via a Moodle course and include the following topics:
Communication With Parents
The Standards Aligned System
Formative Assessment

Register for Induction via the BLaST IU 17 Online Registration System