Are all the workshops/courses in the Online Catalog available at all times?

Workshops/Courses listed in the Online Catalog are offered on varying rotations – some yearly, some quarterly, etc. The date(s), time, etc. for a workshop/course will be included in the course information in the section titled, “This workshop/course is scheduled.” Additionally, when a workshop/course is available there will be a link at the bottom of the course information screen that links the user to the BLaST IU 17 Online Registration System. If this link is not active, the workshop/course is not currently available.


How do I register for a workshop/course listed in the Online Catalog?

Registration for ALL offerings in the Online Catalog is handled via the BLaST Intermediate Unit 17 Online Registration System.


If you have not used the BLaST IU 17 Online Registration System previously, you will need to create an account – ELRNR Instructions.


How will I know when a course that is not currently available will be offered? 

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Administrative Assistant
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