The BLaST Intermediate Unit 17 Training & Consultation Staff deliver workshop- and course-based trainings in areas including Reading, Mathematics, Behavior, Transition, Assistive Technology and Instructional Technology for Regular and Special Education needs in K-12.

Training & Consultation Staff members and their contact information:

Amy Breon Curriculum 570.323.8561 X:1017
Cindy Karichner Transition Coach 570.323.8561 X:1049
Melissa Peddigree Behavior Support 570.323.8561 X:1034
Todd Moyer Special Education 570.323.8561 X:1042
Kelly Swartwood Behavior Support 570.323.8561 X:1038
Holli Caine Behavior Support 570.673.6001 X:2020
Meg Ralston Autistic Support 570.673.6001 X:2007
Neva Reese Assistive Technology 570.673.6001 X:2006
Brenda Roberts Transition/Behavior Support 570.673.6001 X:2005
Stacy Stabryla Autistic Support