The Electronic Learning Registration and Reporting (E-LRNR) system is an easy-to-use event registration system. It was initially developed to handle seminars, trainings, and registration for Intermediate Units in Pennsylvania. E-LRNR has now been expanded to include registration support for districts, conferences and events. E-LRNR has now also been integrated with Pennsylvania Department of Education continuing education credit standards Act 48 and Act 45.


For Users:

E-LRNR allows users to create accounts and log in to register for events. Users may select pricing options, credit options, view what events/courses they are registered for, or have attended. The system is designed with Active Directory Integration, allowing users to log in with their existing e-mail accounts.


For Administrators:

E-LRNR allows administrators to create courses, create pricing and credit options for courses, create and register users and facilitators, track users attendance and history, print rosters, export billing information, e-mail credit certificates to registrants, and submit records to Pennsylvania.

Licensing & Sales Information

E-LRNR is available to public and private school districts as well as for commercial applications.



For more information on how E-LRNR can benefit your program or on one of BLaST’s other products or services please contact:

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