Educationally Based Occupational Therapy Services

BLaST Intermediate Unit #17 contracts with Mission One Staffing Services to provide educational support to students with physical and developmental disabilities. Occupational therapy services are directed toward helping a student access and participate in the educational environment, through the use of intervention strategies and specially designed instruction.  Comprehensive occupational therapy evaluations are completed by licensed occupational therapists and meaningful therapeutic interventions can be carried out by licensed therapists or certified occupational therapy assistants.

The student’s needs may include, but are not limited to:

  • Fine motor skills
  • Handwriting
  • Eye-hand coordination
  • Visual skills
  • Daily living tasks
  • Sensory issues (how a student reacts to stimulation within their environment)

If you feel a child/student may benefit from occupational therapy, please speak with any member of the student’s educational team. If the educational team is in agreement, the school district will initiate the proper paperwork; which includes a physician’s prescription. For a preschool child, age 3 or older, please contact either the BLaST Williamsport office at (570) 323-8561 or the BLaST Canton office at (570) 673-6001 to begin the referral process.

Therapy conducted in the school is not the same as therapy conducted in a medical setting or a clinic. Therapy differs in these two settings in terms of:

  • Intent
  • Role of the Therapist
  • Size of caseloads
  • Type of support.

Clinical therapy is usually undertaken as an adjunct to medical treatment for acute and chronic conditions.  Under the provisions of Public Law 101-476, the Individuals with Disabilities Act, occupational therapy in school settings is considered to be a related service, provided to children so they may benefit from special education services.

Service Delivery Options

Occupational therapy intervention strategies should focus on skills needed to function appropriately within the curriculum. Services may be provided by consultation or direct intervention. Consultation involves working with the student and the team to assist in developing strategies to enhance student performance. Direct intervention is when a therapist works with a student on specific occupational therapy goals. Occupational therapy services may also be a combination of both consultation and direct intervention.

The occupational therapist is an integral part of the educational team. Services may be delivered by an occupational therapist or by a certified occupational therapy assistant. The occupational therapy assistant works closely with the occupational therapist to implement appropriate interventions and monitor student progress.

Occupational Therapy Staff members

For additional information or if you have specific questions in regards to your child’s educationally based occupational therapy services, please do not hesitate to contact any member of Mission One’s qualified staff:

Lauren Bartholomew, COTA
Kellie Breen, COTA
Karin Getz, OTR/L
Christy Harriman, COTA
Michelle Ingerick, COTA
Ann Kehrer, OTR/L
Wendy Lyons, COTA
Maria McNett, COTA
Sherry Ploppert, COTA
Lorna Schwarzer, OTR/L


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