Assistive Technology

The BLaST Intermediate Unit 17 Assistive Technology Program is designed to build the capacity of our nineteen school districts for providing assistive technology services and devices to their students, by delivering training and technical assistance to teachers, aides, therapists, parents and administrators throughout the Intermediate Unit 17 area.

Blast IU 17 provides comprehensive Assistive Technology consultation services.

  1. The student’s IEP team, including parents, determine if an Assistive Technology (AT) consultation is needed to assist the student in accessing and participating in the educational environment.  Once the IEP team determines the need for further consideration of a student’s suspected AT needs, a member of the student’s IEP team will complete the AT consultation request form and secure the signature of the district special education coordinator.
  2. Fax or e-mail the signed, completed AT consultation request form to the appropriate assistive technology consultant. Christine Bear provides AT consultation for Lycoming County and Dana Vermilya is the AT consultant for Bradford, Sullivan and Tioga Counties.
  3. Following receipt of the completed AT consultation request form, the assistive technology consultant will contact the individual who completed the request form to schedule an observation of the student and a meeting with all applicable team members.  Consideration of AT generally involves a team discussion, guided by the SETT framework, in which the individual student’s needs, environment, tasks and available tools are examined to determine what, if any, additional supports might be needed.
  4. The AT consultant will complete the SETT framework, and/or a post-consultation form, and share with all IEP team members via email for review.
  5. If necessary, a meeting is scheduled by the special education coordinator with the IEP team members to discuss the SETT framework and/or completed post-consultation form.
  6. As outlined in the action plan of the SETT framework, if completed, the AT consultant will facilitate the following, if needed:
    • provision of professional development/in-service
    • oversight of equipment trials (securing devices to trial, assisting with programming, establishment of routine/schedule for data collection)
    • scheduling of future team meetings for the purpose of data review


To request an Assistive Technology consultation, please click here to complete the form.

For more information contact:

Lycoming County:
Christine Bear, M.A., CCC-SLP
Assistive Technology Consultant
(570) 323-8561

Bradford, Sullivan & Tioga Counties:
Dana Vermilya, M.S., CCC-SLP
Assistive Technology Consultant
(570) 673-6001