Innovation and Technology Collaborative


The Innovation & Technology Collaborative (ITC) is a network of educators who are interested in implementing 21st Century approaches to transform teaching and learning. The ITC will meet every other month to provide the following:

  • Support for PA Core Standards and STEM programs
  • Opportunities to network
  • Support for districts to develop their own professional development models (train-the-trainers)
  • Support for change leaders as they develop and implement innovative, creative and technologically rich curriculum and instructional practice

Our Goal:

  • Create a sustainable collaborative to support student-centered innovation and STEM systems throughout our region.

Guiding Principles:

  • We believe innovation comes from anywhere.
  • We promote passion, creative exploration, ideating and diversity of thought.
  • We contribute to a culture of respect, trust, empowerment, and collaboration.
  • We benefit from shared ideas, resources and support from other members.
  • We balance the needs of the collaborative with the needs of the individuals.
  • We engage in a student-centered approach to problem solving and ideating.