Classroom Programs

Welcome to our classroom programs page. BLaST IU17 operates a number of inter-district programs for children from various school districts in Bradford, Lycoming, and Tioga Counties. Working closely with our partner districts, our goal is to provide meaningful educational programs designed to meet the unique learning needs of all our students. We currently operate five categories of programs serving children from 5 to 21 years of age.

Life SkillsLearning SupportEmotional SupportMulti-Disabilities SupportAutism Support

Life Skills

The Life Skills Support program provides learning opportunities for students needing functional academic and independent living skills. The MDE/IEP team determines the level of support and the focus of the student’s individualized instructional program. The curriculum used is based on the PA Core Standards and modified to meet the student’s needs. Areas addressed can include: self-care, assertiveness training, functional communication and academic skills, daily living and vocational skills, and community based learning experiences. All instruction is taught in an individual/small group setting. Inclusion opportunities are available and deemed appropriate by the MDE/IEP team.

Learning Support

The Learning Support program provides specially designed instruction to students that have been identified as needing additional support by their MDE/IEP team. Their individualized program is developed by the MDE/IEP team to meet the student’s needs and includes additional individual/small group academic instruction in the Learning Support Classroom and/or with their aged peers in a general education setting with support. All academic instruction is aligned to the PA Core Standards enhancing the student’s critical thinking and problem solving skills using a multisensory approach. Specific educational needs that can be addressed include: oral expression, listening comprehension, written expression, basic reading skills, reading comprehension, mathematics calculation and mathematics reasoning.

Emotional Support

The Emotional Support classroom provides a highly structured program that is designed to meet the needs of students who demonstrate a pattern of behavioral and/or social concerns. The academic instruction is determined by the MDE/IEP team and is either delivered individually/small group in the Emotional Support Classroom or with their grade level peers (inclusion classes). Academic instruction is based on the PA Core Standards.

Students are taught how to follow school and classroom rules and respond to others (classmates and adults) in a socially appropriate manner. Students are also taught how to cope with their feelings including conflict resolution, interpersonal communication, decision making, and anger and stress management. The primary goal of the program is to teach the student positive coping and interpersonal skills so they are able to return to their home school and function appropriately in their own community.

Multi-disabilities Support

The Multi-Disabilities Support classrooms provide students with learning experiences and services to have each student achieve their potential as contributing members of their community. The MDE/IEP team members develop an individualized program to maximize student learning and independence. The curriculum used is aligned to the PA Core Standards and adapted to meet the individual’s needs. Students receive instruction in the following areas: social/behavioral skills, functional daily living skills, functional communication skills (which may include assistive technology), and individualized motor and sensory needs. Students also have opportunities to be included with their non-disabled peers, as the IEP team deems is appropriate.

Autistic Support

BLaST IU 17 operates autistic support programs in six different school districts in Bradford, Tioga, Sullivan and Lycoming counties. There are 6 elementary school programs and 3 high school programs. Districts which currently house these programs include Wellsboro, Towanda, Loyalsock, Montoursville, and South Williamsport. The IU also operates Autistic Support programs at the Early Intervention Level.

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