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This series of webinars is designed to prepare educators with best practices in all learning environments. Each webinar will be 20-30 minutes in length. Some sessions will be live, but all will be recorded if you cannot make it. Click on the sessions below to either join a live session or view a recording. Plus, make sure to gather any resources provided!

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These are resources available that can assist districts with the continuity of education in the case of an extended school closure.


Registration will open June 1st 2020! School Districts, contact us about bundle pricing for an individual course or all courses. Completion of each course will earn the learner 3 hours of act 48 credit.

Teaching Deliberate Analysis: A Closer Read on Text-Dependent Analysis Instruction
Teaching Deliberate Analysis is designed to provide a close read on Text-Dependent Analysis through an instructional lens, rather than a focus. This professional development offering will benefit administrators and educators (grades 3-8) who intend to conduct turn-around training in his/her school district or increase analysis in their own classroom. Participants will gain a deep understanding of the concept of instructional analysis with the tools necessary to help teachers engage in the teaching and learning of text-dependent analysis.
Sound Walls: It’s All About Print
This course will guide the participants’ to implement sound walls as an instructional tool in order for students’ perception of language to move from speech to print by connecting phonemes and graphemes.
Creating Meaningful Work-Related Experiences for Students
Exposing students to a variety of work experiences is an essential step in preparing them for life after high school. This course will expose you as the teacher to career pathways and entrepreneurship with the goal of then applying these ideas in your classroom.
Finding that Connection: Building Unity Through Diversity and Inclusion
Every student with Autism is unique and wonderful in his or her own way. As many students with Autism receive instruction in the general education setting, this training will review the characteristics of learners with Autism. It will also provide strategies and curriculum modifications to build success in school settings.
Classroom Management and Effective Instruction
Participants will learn effective ways to structure their classroom for success as well as techniques to actively engage their students. The training will introduce proactive and reactive consequence strategies.
Getting Techy with It
This course will introduce participants to the reasons why innovation is important in the classroom. Then participants will learn about some innovative ways to include technology in the classroom through engaging presentations or gamification. Finally, participants will think about their own lessons and classroom and how they can implement what they have just learned.