eQUIP Sound Walls

Creating Meaningful Work-Related Experiences for Students

Exposing students to a variety of work experiences is an essential step in preparing them for life after high school. This course will expose you as the teacher to career pathways and entrepreneurship with the goal of then integrating career education and work standards into existing lessons and curriculum.

eQUIP letters

Sound Walls:
It’s All About Print

This guide will support participants’ in implementing sound walls as an instructional tool in order for students’ perception of language to move from speech to print by connecting phonemes and graphemes.


Teaching Deliberate Analysis: A Closer Read on Text-Dependent Analysis Instruction

Teaching Deliberate Analysis is designed to provide a close read on Text-Dependent Analysis through an instructional lens, rather than a focus. This professional development offering will benefit administrators and educators (grades 3-8). Participants will gain a deep understanding of the concept of instructional analysis with the tools necessary to help teachers engage in the teaching and learning of text-dependent analysis.