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All equipment is provided at NO COST to families that meet the program’s eligibility requirements.

  • My Bike Program

    My Bike Program

    Provides eligible children with disabilities with a Rifton adaptive bicycle, with Rifton accessories, that is individually customized so that they may have the freedom of a bike and the joy of riding alongside family and friends.

  • My Stroller Program

    Provides a Convaid EZ Rider adaptive stroller to eligible kids to use for “on-the-go” mobility or general safety/inclusion in the community. Not your typical toddler stroller, but rather equipment to let families explore the world without worry.

    My Stroller Program

  • My Voice Program

    My Voice Program

    Provides a communication device (i.e., a restricted iPad with a prescribed app) to eligible children with communication disorders to give them a voice at all times — enabling kids to express their thoughts, feelings, wants, and needs.

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Eligible families can apply for more than one piece of equipment if their child can benefit — you do not need to choose just one!

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On Distribution Days, we celebrate the student, their families, and all the fun adventures in store for them.



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REMINDER: All equipment is provided at NO COST to families that meet the program's eligibility requirements.