Training and Consulting

BLaST Intermediate Unit 17 provides a variety of professional development services and technical assistance to school districts and their staff in partnership with the Pennsylvania Training and Technical Assistance Network (PaTTAN) and the Pennsylvania Department of Education and Bureau of Special Education. The Consultation and Training Staff have been identified in specific areas to serve as a contact point for districts.

Professional development activities are designed to support all students in the inclusive environment. They can address needs at the district, building, and team level. Consultants work with districts to provide professional development that meets individual districts staff development needs. Consultants can work with school districts to develop a district-specific plan to address professional development needs.

These services are free for our member districts.

Areas Supported:

  • Reading
  • Behavior Support
  • Response to Instruction and Intervention
  • Inclusionary Practices
  • Autism Support
  • Transition Support
  • School Wide Positive Behavior

Training and Consulting Staff

Work Phone: 570-323-8561 x1096
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Curriculum Specialist
Work Phone: 570-323-8561 Ext: 1017
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Trainer and Consultant
Work Phone: 570-323-8561 x1042
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Transition Consultant
Work Phone: 570-323-8561 x1007
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Work Phone: 570-673-6001 Ext: 2007
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TAC Autism Consultant
Work Phone: 570-323-8561 x1049
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Speech Language Pathologist, Assistive Technology Consultant
Work Phone: 570-673-6001 x2005
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