LaSaQuik & Clear Vision

LaSaQuik classroom building

Residential Treatment placement can be used as a pro-active step in helping students who are at risk for not graduating. By placing these students in an environment which is very structured and provides behavioral supports, they can develop their own coping skills and appropriate social interaction.

Clear Vision Facility
Clear Vision

IU 17 assists in the operation of two such facilities: Clear Vision, for young ladies, and LaSaQuik for young men. Our mission is to create 250,000 thinkers and this especially true for the at-risk young adults in our communities. Some highlights from these programs:

  • Students are transitioned successfully back to their home districts.
  • Some students have been able to earn their diplomas while at Clear Vision and La-Sa-Quik.
  • The facilities take pride in successfully getting students back on track after what could be described as chaotic or dysfunctional academic careers.
  • Students learn about themselves, discover their potentials, and are encouraged to strive for success.

For more information, or if you have any questions, contact our Residential Treatment Program Supervisor:

Special Education Supervisor
Work Phone: 570-323-8561 x1039
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