Blast IU 17 is devoted to our community and offering professional development opportunities that will cultivate and support the minds of educators, faculty, and staff  in our surrounding districts.

The Office of Professional Learning offers a large array of on site learning workshops for your needs. Below is what is currently available, look back often for continual updates on the newest professional development opportunities.

Events in April 2020

  • IU 17 Supervisor Meeting CANCELLED
  • CSMU SAP Networking Day ~ CANCELLED
    Spring 4 More Innovation! ~CANCELLED
  • PIIC Coaching Caravan ~ CANCELLED
  • 2020 STEM Design Challenge ~ CANCELLED
  • Youth Mental Health First Aid Training (YMHFA) ~ CANCELLED
  • CS First ~ CANCELLED
  • QBS ~ Initial Training ~ CANCELLED
    Innovation and Technology Collaborative (ITC) Field Trip to Delta School! ~ CANCELLED
  • QBS ~ Initial Training ~ CANCELLED
    QBS/Safety Care Specialist Recertification ~ CANCELLED
  • Foundations of Reading: Beyond Blending and Segmenting, Advanced Phonemic Awareness -CANCELLED
    BLaST Curriculum Coordinators and Principals Meeting - CANCELLED
  • District Special Education Coordinator Meeting - CANCELLED