For over 10 years BLaST Intermediate Unit 17 has been developing an extensive catalog of custom software applications designed to assist educators and administrative personal. All of BLaST’s software applications have gone through strict testing and come with full technical support. In addition to it’s own software catalog, BLaST also partners with several leading developers of educational technologies as part of our consortium.

DaRTS is a data and report tracking system that Intermediate Unit # 17 has developed originally for our own use, and has become a very successful tool for December Child Count, Revised Count, PIMs Reporting and Student Forms Generation. Numerous districts and Intermediate Units are currently using DaRTS across the state of Pennsylvania. It is expressly designed for Special Educators and others who work with IEPs as well as other specialized student tracking. The system is 100 % web-based.

The 321SOS assessment tool has been developed by BLaST Intermediate Unit 17 as a way to standardize and simplify teacher and staff evaluations. The custom program allows observers to perform assessments and job evaluations with most internet-capable mobile devices. The easy-to-use interface can be mastered by the most inexperienced users. Troubleshooting and program updates will be handled by the BLaST Intermediate Unit 17 technology staff as part of the basic service agreement.
The Electronic Learning Registration and Reporting (E-LRNR) system is a easy-to-use event registration system. It was initially developed to handle seminars, trainings, and registration for Intermediate Units in Pennsylvania. E-LRNR has now been expanded to include registration support for conferences and events.
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The Intermediate Units Project Tracking System or IU-PTS was developed in response to a meeting of PAIU Executive Directors where it was agreed that all Intermediate Units would use the same web-based application to account for time spent on the seven PDE initiatives outlined in the Department’s “Scope of Work” (SOW) descriptions. Using a single application for reporting and billing purposes will assure that services requested by the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) in the SOW agreements have been delivered and also allow Intermediate Units to track the actual amount of time devoted to each project.A way to monitor network connectivity and report on the aspects of utilization of switches, routers and firewalls all the way down to the individual port on every device. Devices monitored on the network via SNMP can be polled every 60 seconds to provide detailed visibility into how much bandwidth is being used at any time of the day.
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