Partial Hospitalization Program

ClassroomThe Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) is a voluntary mental health program specifically designed to provide intensive treatment to students exhibiting symptoms and behaviors that are impacting their ability to function at home, in school and/or in their community. The goal is to provide a structured environment with psychiatric oversight and high quality treatment for children and adolescents throughout the Intermediate Unit. The PHP staff work with students on treatment, which is recovery-driven and solution-focused. Students engage in their treatment, improve their symptoms, stabilize behaviors and acquire a new skill set designed to maximize successful outcomes.

Our Partial Hospitalization Programs service students in grades k-12 throughout the IU. The Northern  PHP has been successfully operating in the North, located at the Academy for Integrated Studies in Monroeton, and is now entering its third year. At the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year, the doors opened at our second location in the South Academy,  136 Catawissa Drive in Williamsport. The Partial Hospitalization Programs are currently able to service 36 students total across both locations; 24 children and adolescents at the North location and 12 adolescents at the South location. Program growth allows for additional opportunities to service the students with high quality mental health treatment.

Referrals can be accepted at either location. For more information on our Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP), please contact the staff listed below:

Photo of Nicole Klees
Director of Behavioral & Mental Services Behavioral & Mental Services
Cell Phone: 570-359-7621 Work Phone: 570-323-8561 x1012
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