MONTOURSVILLE, Pa. — Students with special needs were dressed head to toe in red, white, and blue in celebration of the Fourth of July.
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The annual extended school year Fourth of July Parade took place at Schick Elementary in Lycoming County. Kids with special needs had the opportunity to march in front of classmates, friends, and family.

“My parade was good, and I was walking on the track for the Fourth of July parade,” Brendan Rooker said.

The parade began with a ceremonial entrance, as kids made their way to the track from the front steps of the school.

Erica Logan, a head teacher for the extended school year program, greeted children with flags and cheers.

“It’s just amazing because we have so many diverse abilities that get to show their talent and get to smile and make other people in the community smile,” Logan said.

The parade is something both kids and teachers look forward to each year. Those involved say this event is one that will not be forgotten.

“This is a highlight of their experience, and I know for our teachers and students that it’s meaningful to everyone including the community, as you probably could see today,” said Amy Briggs, director of student services.

More than 100 kids representing four different counties made their way out to Schick Elementary School in Montoursville to show off their patriotism and march in the Fourth of July Parade.

Organizers were thrilled with how it turned out.

“Oh, my goodness, it’s so wonderful. I think at the end of the day my cheeks hurt from smiling so much,” Logan said.

As the kids marched with smiles glued to their faces, those in attendance were left speechless.

“There’s no words to capture the satisfaction that this half hour brings for all of us.”