Present Levels are the backbone of every student’s IEP.  Taking time to properly document a student’s current levels in the areas of Academic Achievement and Functional Performance leads to documented needs that are related to their disability.  These Needs can then be addressed via Measurable Annual Goals and Specially Designed Instruction to ensure the student makes progress each and every year.

Join us for a brief, yet in-depth look at a best practice approach to crafting Present Levels in the IEP. Make sure to check in again each month as more topics will be explored as part of our IEP Best Practice Series, including supports for writing Measurable Annual Goals, the Transition section, Specially Designed Instruction, and more!


IEP Best Practices Series – Present Levels – Presentation Slides


(Oakland Schools) Present Level of Academic Achievement and Functional Performance (PLAAFP) Guide

Present Level Worksheet (for students in grades K-2)

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