The BLaST Intermediate Unit 17 Guest Teacher Program is a service offered to local school districts and to Intermediate Unit program in Bradford, Lycoming, Sullivan, and Tioga counties. The program provides substitute teacher training to people who have a bachelors degree but do not have a Pennsylvania teaching certificate.  The interactive training sessions, conducted by BLaST Intermediate Unit professionals, will provide instruction in Planning and Preparation, Classroom Environment, Instruction, and Professionalism. Guest teachers leave the program with an emergency permit issued by the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) and the basic knowledge to be an effective substitute teacher in the consortium school districts and/or BLaST Intermediate Unit classrooms.

Emergency Permit

After completing the required paperwork, mandatory trainings and classroom observations, BLaST will apply for an emergency permit issued by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. It allows the guest teacher to substitute in participating school districts and/or BLaST classrooms.

The emergency permit allows a guest teacher to work as a day-to-day substitute in the participating school districts and BLaST classrooms.

The school districts where Guest Teaching services can be provided within the BLaST Intermediate Unit include:

  • Jersey Shore Area School District
  • Wyalusing Area School District
  • South Williamsport School District
  • Towanda School District
  • Montgomery School District
  • Sullivan County School District
  • Muncy School District
  • Southern Tioga School District
  • Williamsport Area School District
  • Northern Tioga School District
  • Loyalsock Area School District
  • Wellsboro School District
  • Montoursville Area School District
  • Athens Area School District
  • East Lycoming School District
  • Sayre School District
  • Canton Area School District
  • Northeast Bradford School District
  • Troy School District

For questions or information on participating or registering for the Guest Teacher Program please call our BLaST IU 17 office at 570-323-8561 x 1084


To apply for the Guest Teacher Training thru Source4Teachers Click Here


Recommended Forms, Applications, and Paperwork


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a day-to-day substitute emergency permit?
    A Type 06 day-to-day substitute emergency permit is issued by the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) to qualify a person for service as a day-to-day substitute teacher. This permit can only be issued to individuals that hold a bachelors degree and can only be used in the school districts that are participating in the BLaST IU 17 Guest Teacher Consortium.
  2. How do I apply for an emergency permit to work in the Guest Teacher Consortium districts?
    You must provide BLaST with a completed PDE 338-G form and official transcripts in a sealed envelope. After you have completed the required  3 days of training, BlaST IU 17 will apply to PDE to issue the emergency permit.
  3. Does the emergency permit have any restrictions?
    Yes, listed below are the restrictions?

    • The permit is valid for one school year (expires July 1st) and must be renewed on an annual basis at the request of the IU.
    • The permit is valid for use in the Guest Teacher consortium districts only.
    • This permit classifies the Guest Teacher as a day-to-day substitute teacher. Guest Teachers may not work as a full-time teacher or in a long-term substitute teaching assignment.
    • Guest Teachers may not work more than 15 consecutive days in a single assignment.
  4. Can I only substitute in certain subject areas?
    No, your emergency permit allows you to substitute in any subject area.
  5. Once I have completed the required paperwork and training, how will the school district(s) know that I want to substitute teach in their classrooms?
    After PDE has approved the emergency permit, BLaST IU 17 will send your name, address and telephone number to the districts you elect to sub in.
  6. If I work for more than one school district, how do I get paid?
    You will be paid by each individual school district where you choose to work. You will become an employee of each particular school district and follow their payroll submission schedules and procedures. (Example: if you work one day at Williamsport, you will be paid by Williamsport. If you work one day at Canton, you are paid by Canton, etc.) You will not be paid by BLaST IU 17 unless you work as a Guest Teacher in an IU 17 classroom.
  7. What if my schedule will only permit me to work certain days of the week? How will the districts know when I can work?
    It is your responsibility as a guest teacher to coordinate your schedule with each school district you choose. BLaST does not coordinate schedule information with the districts. We only need to know your schedule if you choose to work in a BLaST classroom.
  8. After my emergency permit expires, how do I renew it for the next school year?
    During the summer, the IU will send you information and directions to go into the TIMS program and reapply.  These forms must be returned by the specified deadline date in order to be processed in time for the new school year. The IU will not renew emergency permits for those individuals that did not substitute in the prior school year.
  9. How will I know if my emergency permit was renewed for the new school year? And in which school districts I can substitute?
    The IU will send a memo announcing your permit renewal. Your name will be provided to the school districts you indicated a willingness to substitute in.
  10. What are the costs for me to be a Guest Teacher?
    There is no fee to participate in the Guest Teacher Training. Other costs include:

    • Act 151 – PA Child Abuse History clearance – $13 fee
    • Act 34 PA State Police Criminal Record clearance – $22 fee
    • Act 114 FBI Fingerprint Criminal Record clearance – $22.60 fee
    • School employee physical examination form including a current TB test you are responsible for any and all physician fees
    • PDE 338-G General Application  you are responsible for any and all physician fees
    • Official sealed transcript – a fee may apply at some colleges/universities.
  11. What is the pay rate for Guest Teachers?
    The rates of pay vary by district.


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