Resources for School Leaders

In partnership with Bucks County IU, BLaST IU17 is providing a comprehensive list of resources to support school and agency leaders related to the Flu and Coronavirus.  This page is by no means exhaustive and in no way serves as an endorsement for specific resources.  Instead, it serves as a collection point for school leaders seeking resources and examples.  Please contact Dr. Christina Steinbacher-Reed with any additional documents or links to post!

Health Agency Resources

PA Governor Wolf Press Release & Press Conference: March 6, 2020external link

EPA: Registered Antimicrobial Products for Use Against Novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, the Cause of COVID-19external link

PA Dept. of Health: Coronavirus Resources external link

PA Dept of Health: Coronavirus One Pagerexternal link

PA Dept of Health: Influenza Season Dataexternal link

CDC: 2018 Pan Epidemic Planexternal link

CDC: 2019 What to do if You are Sick with Coronavirusexternal link

CDC: Do your part to stop the spread of flu at child care facilities and schoolsexternal link

CDC: Influenza (Flu) Resourcesexternal link

CDC: Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)external link

CDC: School Resources and Guidelines for the H1N1 Pandemic in 2009external link

CDC: Community Mitigation Guidelines to Prevent Pandemic Influenzaexternal link

FluVIEW Interactiveexternal link

Flu Near Youexternal link

Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) – COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Outbreak Resourcesexternal link

World Health Organization: Coronavirusexternal link

World Health Organization: Coronavirus Q&A Video


external link

Flu / Coronavirus and Schools

What should the autism community know about the coronavirus outbreak?

Questions and answers on providing services to children with disabilities during the coronavirus disease 2019 outbreak

Working and learning online during a pandemic

Common Sense resources for at home learning

Northshore School District, Washington State: Superintendent Letter Re: Closing for Up to 14 Days

external link

CDC: Interim Guidance for Administrators of US Childcare Programs and K-12 Schools to Plan, Prepare, and Respond to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)external link

CDC: Interim Guidance for Businesses and Employers to Plan and Respond to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), February 2020external link

CDC: 2017: Get Your Schools Ready for Pandemic Fluexternal link

PA Dept. of Health Coronavirus Information for K12 Schoolsexternal link

USDOE: COVID-19 (“Coronavirus”) Information and Resources for Schools and School Personnelexternal link

PEMA: All Hazards Schools Planning Kitexternal link

NSBA: COVID-19: Preparing For Widespread Illness in Your School Community – A Legal Guide for School Leadersexternal link

PASA Resource Pageexternal link

National Association of School Psychologists: Health Crisis Resourcesexternal link

Bucks County Courier Times / The Intelligencer: March 4, 2020: Bucks schools prep for coronavirusexternal link March 4, 2020: Should schools close when coronavirus cases are still rare?external link

Wall Street Journal: March 4, 2020: Italy Shuts All Schools to Stem Spread of Coronavirusexternal link

Seattle School District: March 3, 2020: Coronavirus Response Planexternal link

USA Today: March 3, 2020: US schools are in a ‘state of alert’ amid coronavirus outbreak. Are they overreacting – or not doing enough?external link

Washington Post: March 3, 2020: What schools and teachers should be doing now about coronavirus, according to the expertsexternal link

6ABC: March 3, 2020: Local schools prepare to fight off coronavirusexternal link

6ABC: March 3, 2020: Philadelphia Archdiocese issues guidelines to prevent spread of coronavirusexternal link

New York Times: March 2, 2020: A School Administrator Contracted Coronavirus on a Class Trip. A Week Later, Parents Found Outexternal link

CNN: March 2, 2020: How US schools are preparing for the coronavirusexternal link

NBC: March 2, 2020: Coronavirus prompts a dozen schools in Washington state to close, others weigh optionsexternal link

CNN: March 2, 2020: How A Washington State School Is Reacting to a Coronavirus Caseexternal link

Baltimore Sun: March 1, 2020: Maryland preparing for possible extended shutdowns of schools, businesses, events as coronavirus spreads external link

The Hill: Feb 28, 2020: US Schools rushing to update emergency plans for coronavirusexternal link Feb 28, 2020: As coronavirus anxiety builds, N.J. schools prepare for an outbreakexternal link

HuffPost: Feb 28, 2020: What Would Happen If U.S. Schools Close Because Of Coronavirus?external link Feb 28, 2020: U.S. schools plan for possible spread of novel coronavirusexternal link

New York Times: Feb 27, 2020: What Would a Coronavirus Outbreak in the U.S. Mean for Schools?external link

National Association of School Nurses: Feb 26, 2020: Coronavirus Updateexternal link

Washington Post: Feb 26, 2020: Canceled foreign trips and ‘palpable’ anxiety: Schools prepare for the coronavirusexternal link

Education Week: Feb 26, 2020: Are Schools Ready for Coronavirus? Trump Says They Should Beexternal link

Ed Week: Feb 25, 2020: Schools Should Prepare Now for Coronavirusexternal link

USA Today: Feb 17, 2020: Coronavirus Forces Schools to Grapple With Quarantines, Masks and Fear


external link

Documents and Resources

Supporting At-Home Children During Coronavirus

At Home Activities & Resources

PEMA Pandemic Checklistexternal link

NC4 Situation Report: Major Coronavirus Outbreaks Abroad Raise Concerns about a Global Pandemic Even as Situation in Mainland China Remains Largely Stableexternal link

Harvard Business Review: Lead Your Business Through the Coronavirus Crisisexternal link

Everbridge: 10 Key Organizational Infectious Disease Readiness Componentsexternal link

Everbridge: Critical Event Management (CEM) Best Practices for Infectious Disease Communicationexternal link

Everbridge:  Infectious Disease Communication and Best Practices White Paperexternal link

Willis Towers Watson Education Practice – Coronavirus Updatesexternal link Audio Segment: Handwashing 101: A Guide To Proper Washing (And Drying)


external link

News Links

New York TIme: Ongoing Updates: Coronavirus Resource Pageexternal link

Washington Post: Ongoing Updates: Coronavirus Resource Pageexternal link Ongoing Updates: Live Updates on COVID-19external link March 4, 2020: As Coronavirus Looms, Many Nursing Homes Fall Short On Infection Preventionexternal link

Philadelphia Inquirer: March 3, 2020: Pa. state lab can now test for coronavirus, but its capability is limitedexternal link

Philadelphia Inquirer: March 3, 2020: A possible coronavirus case in Philly is under investigation, city health department saysexternal link

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: March 3, 2020: Allegheny County health officials emphasize calm with eye on likely spread of coronavirusexternal link

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: March 3, 2020: Coronavirus prep: Supplies dwindle at Western Pa. stores as officials urge readinessexternal link

The Guardian: March 3, 2020: The longest holiday: parents coping with coronavirus school closures in east Asiaexternal link

PennLive: March 2, 2020: Central Pa. Ebola center repurposed for coronavirus, other hospitals also getting readyexternal link

NBC: March 2, 2020: FEMA preparing for possible coronavirus emergency declarationexternal linkexternal link March 2, 2020: 6 key coronavirus numbers you should knowexternal linkexternal link

WHYY: Feb 29, 2020: How ready is Philadelphia for the coronavirus?external link

New York Times: Feb 29, 2020: Surgeon General Urges the Public to Stop Buying Face Masksexternal link

United Nations News: Feb 28, 2020:  Coronavirus COVID-19 risk increased to ‘very high’ but containment still possibleexternal link

Philadelphia Inquirer: Feb 28, 2020: A Pennsylvania man’s diary from a coronavirus quarantineexternal link

AP: Feb 28, 2020: US schools start planning for possible spread of coronavirusexternal link

Forbes: Feb 28, 2020: With COVID-19 Coronavirus, What Difference Will Closing Schools Make? external link

SHRM: Feb 28, 2020: Coronavirus Prompts Companies to Telework

The Root: Feb 27, 2020: Preparing for Outbreaks Like Coronavirus Is Always Difficult. For Marginalized Communities, It’s Crucialexternal link

Seattle Times: Feb 27, 2020: Bothell High School closed Thursday in ‘abundance of caution’ over Coronavirus fearsexternal link

AARP: Feb 27, 2020: CDC Warns That Coronavirus Will Spread in U.S.  external link

PACast: Feb 26, 2020: Wolf Administration Prepares for Spread of Coronavirus, COVID-19 Press Conference and Press Releaseexternal link

WHYY: Feb 26, 2020: Pa. is preparing for coronavirus as CDC warns spread in U.S. may be ‘inevitable’external link

New York Times: Feb 25, 2020: How to Prepare for the Coronavirusexternal link

SHRM: Feb 25, 2020: Health Agencies: Prepare Now for Coronavirus